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Last call for knitted TdF bunting to help Harrogate welcome in cyclists

Over 8,000 miniature knitted jerseys have been pledged from around the world - but time’s running out to send them in

Harrogate Borough Council has called for knitters around the world to send in their hand-created knitted bunting for the town’s Tour de France festivities.

Last year we reported how the council and a local knitting shop had come up with the plan - which has since gone viral worldwide.

The council has recieved 3,000 tiny knited jerseys in traditional colours, made by volunteers, and have been inundated with nearly 8,000 pledges - from as far afield as Austria, Bermuda, Canada, France, the Channel Islands, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

All jerseys are needed for 10 March, so there’s still time to be involved if you’re handy with the needles.

Councillor Pat Jones, Cabinet Member for Culture, Tourism and Sports, told Harrogate News: “We have had bags, boxes and bundles of knitted jerseys delivered over the past few months – so far more than 3000 have arrived.

“Pledges have come from as far afield as Austria, Bermuda, Canada, France, the Channel Islands, the Netherlands and Switzerland as well as all around our own country.

“Pledges have also come from the Isle of Man. The Manx Heritage Quilters and Knitting Group and the Mannin Quilters are personalising theirs with the Three Legs of Man, their national emblem.

“One Jersey takes around 3-hours to knit meaning that around 2.75 years of work have been put into making bunting.”

Patrick Kilburn, the council’s Head of Parks and Open Spaces, said: “This has been led by my team but the original idea was worked up with students from York University and the pattern was created for us by the owners of Baa Ram Ewe knitting business on Cold Bath Road in Harrogate.

“We wanted this to be something the community could get involved with to celebrate our hosting the Tour but the great knock on effect has been the boom in business for those selling knitting wool.

“We don’t mind whether people send us one jersey or a box full – the most we know one person has knitted is 89 so far.

“We have a good mix of the green, white and yellow jerseys but we could do with a few more of the King of the Mountain red dotted jerseys.”

Anyone interested in helping can find all the details here which includes the knitting and crochet patterns.

You can drop your finished jerseys in or post them to Baa Ram Ewe stores in both Harrogate and Headingley.

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Scoob_84 | 10 years ago

Love it!! Makes you proud to be british!!

allez neg | 10 years ago


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