Laws of physics take a holiday

Ride your bike off a skyscraper and you’d expect to not so much ride as plummet to a very messy death. That’s the way it’s supposed to work in ‘realistic’ video games too, but a glitch in Grand Theft Auto V means players can cheerfully ride down the side of skyscrapers.

Apparently, the game’s physics engine interprets falling off a building on a bike as riding down the side of it, and doesn’t take into account the small matter of a vertical slope not being something you can ride down even if you’re Danny MacAskill.

According to games website MotoringCrunch.com, riding down skyscrapers in now the happening thing in the game’s online multiplayer mode.

Developer Rockstar Games is expected to fix the glitch soon, so if you’re a gamer and want to find out what it’s like to ride down a skyscraper, you’d better move quickly, or watch this animated GIF:

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