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SRAM issue new video update on hydraulic disc brake recall

Will be announcing an update on 15th January to ‘get everyone back on hydraulics’ + video

Following the complete recall of its Red and S700 hydraulic disc brake systems, SRAM president Stan Day has appeared in another video on its recall website and says the company will be announcing on 15 January a comprehensive plan to get everyone back on hydraulics.

SRAM recalled its entire line of  RED 22 and S-700 Road Hydraulic disc brakes last December, amounting to 19,000 brakes, after identifying a problem that could lead to a potential failure. The company subsequently launched a website, on which it urges anyone who has bought a bike with  RED 22 and S-700 Road Hydraulic disc brakes on it, to register to keep updated.

President Stan Day recently issued a video apology and explanation of the reason for the recall soon after the recall announcement was made. He also outlined a replacement plan, providing two options, replacement mechanical brakes and levers with the option of receiving the redesigned hydraulic brakes when they're available, or a cheque for €150. Mechanical disc brakes should be in stock now, says Stan Day in the video above, and requests anyone affected to contact their dealer now.

SRAM say that to their knowledge there have been no injuries as a result of the failures which occurred during cyclocross races held in sub-zero temperatures when, according to SRAM, the master cylinder seals (the master cylinder is located in the brake lever) failed to hold pressure resulting in "abrupt loss of brake power, and an inability to stop the bike."

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jarredscycling | 10 years ago

Not the best start for hydraulics but hey every new technology has some bumps. Although you could argue hydraulic brakes on bakes aren't exactly new

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