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Wands protecting cycle lanes

So, here in Bristol the 'protected' cycle lanes are 'protected' by three foot high orange-and-reflective plastic cylinders which screw into a base bolted to the road surface.

They only screw in a half-turn and are VERY easily removed (either accidentally, by a driver not exercising due care and attention, or on purpose).  They must lose so many of the things, too, where they've been knocked or thrown a long way from the actual cycle lane they were 'protecting'.

Now the students are returning, I'm sure its a coincidence but the ones around Park Row are all taken down on Monday mornings so that must be a fun time the students are having over the weekend surprise

And the council sends out Traffic Management teams Every.  F-ing.  Day.  to put the wands back in place.

So: my question is whether it would be better for the council to put more permanent things there.  Might be more expensive as an initial outlay, but surely it would save the time and money spent in constantly Forth Bridging it around the city replacing them all?

They could have a metal or concrete core, or (i don't know, just thinking aloud) release paint or something, upon impact.  They could be properly fixed to the roadway, instead of a half-turn of plastic, so that any shopkeeper can't just remove them if he thinks people "need" to park right outside his shop.

And I don't see what motorists would have to complain about - if they're exercising due care and attention then they wouldn't drive into them.

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