Update: Cycling won’t be banned from Bournemouth prom

[Council] leader, councillor Vikki Slade, said cyclists were being given “one more weekend” to “behave fairly and responsibly” when using the promenade otherwise they will no longer be able to use it.

The comments mention a 10 mph speed limit, but can’t see if referenced here:

Everyone off the leash today?
I wonder how this one is going to go. Let’s hope the Council also continue behaving fairly and responsibly. It feels like too easy a move for them to make to institute a day time ban.

Cycling is allowed September to June, and banned between 10 and 6 July and August.

If for example you’re coming back, from Sandbanks ferry the Poole section is really useful as there isn’t a very good road alternative - it’s easier east of the pier.

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