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Strava screwup!

Can any kind person suggest a way I can get myself out of my own error? Normally I record rides on Strava on my phone and upload from there, if I want power data as well I export the GPX file from my Garmin and delete the phone record without uploading. Yesterday, like an idiot, I saw the "Import from Garmin" option and thought well that's easier than exporting the GPX file, so I'll do that… not realising that it would import everything on my Garmin from the last time I wiped it clean a few months ago, so I've now got hundreds of duplicated rides and 2000 km added to my total for the year that I haven't earned! Does anyone know how I can undo the import rather than trawling through all my activities from the year and deleting each duplicated activity by hand? Any advice very gratefully received.

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