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Dave Smith Cycling Coach


Has anyone used this individual as a cycling coach?

It appears that he may also have previously written for

I paid £350 for an online training and nutrition plan back in February and I have received nothing, other than a couple of emails saying he had issues with his internet.

He has continued to post on social media, although he has also repeatedly ignored my attempts to contact him via this medium, which I find odd.

I have more info regarding this, but thought I would just see if anyone else has dealt with this individual before I post too much.


If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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jaymack | 2 months ago

Did you pay on a credit card? If you did you may be able to take advantage of s. 75 refund

Kernowking replied to jaymack | 2 months ago

Hi jaymack. Unfortunately not. I wish I had. 


Rapha Nadal | 2 months ago

If you're still looking for a coach, and don't want to get scammed again, then I can recommend Alex Welburn of The Performance Project - he is a real person who I've ridden with and is pretty good at what he does!

Kernowking replied to Rapha Nadal | 2 months ago

Thanks for this. It's put me off tbh. I know I should've been more careful, but I did a lot of research and it all looks bonafide, but there you go. He does coaching for an exclusive resort and I contacted them afterwards and they agreed to contact him, but he still didn't respond, despite telling them he would. All a bit disappointing really. 

Simon E | 2 months ago
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He obviously doesn't have too many issues with his internet if he is posting on social media. Girona has plenty of internet cafes.

I think I know which Dave Smith you mean. and seem to suggest that he now lives in Girona, spending your money on websites and other bollocks.

Perhaps try contacting Nathan Haas, who is quoted by Dave on the Grit Girona page. I know someone in the Girona cycling scene, I might try asking him.

The moral of the tale is not to give your money to shysters or people you don't know (some of whom may be both).

Kernowking replied to Simon E | 2 months ago

Thanks for this also. Yeah, that's him.  Like I said above I should've been more careful but his bio, etc, all looks good. That's the internet I guess. Hes still posting on instagram daily and ive responded to a few of his posts, but without any response. Bit odd, but like you say, lesson learnt. Cheers.  

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