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Broken spokes

I've never broken spokes before (well, once with a rear mech mishap, but that doesn't count).  That's no broken spokes for decades.  I now have some stupid-expensive carbon wheels and have had a spoke fail on the rear wheel - wheel out of true and a long walk home.  Turned out the spokes were too long and it was all rebuilt.  The front wheel turned out to be the same - overlong spokes, rebuilt with decent-weight spokes.  Now one of those new front spokes has gone.   It failed overnight -  It was fine after yesterday's ride - this morning it's sheared off at the end of the thread. Two failed spokes in six months.

They're the second pair of hand-built wheels i've had - the first pair are still true and survived a T-bone crash with a car at 20 mph without a scratch.  Have I been lucky for the past decades, or is something wrong?

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  • Rendel Harris 2 sec ago

    That would be a bit more credible if they hadn't gone all out to try and get Cav the record last year, wouldn't it?

  • Mungecrundle 1 hour 30 min ago

    Professional advice is always your gold standard. A GP referal is a good place to start but accessing those services can be difficult given the...

  • Calc 2 hours 1 min ago

    Why the hole?  It's so you are forced to buy their special seatpost.

  • d_jp 5 hours 6 min ago

    'that was "grippy" / a "grippy" stage' 'i love echelons' ... Adam Blythe

  • Lemonyhills 5 hours 19 min ago

    These would be ideal for security in the garage, and out and about for our bikes lost two in the past.

  • Brauchsel 5 hours 21 min ago

    But if it doesn't look like a car's going to pull up, you find someone in the same-coloured top as you and make them give you their bike. 

  • dabba 5 hours 56 min ago

    I bought an Anker 15w solar panel set to try for touring in Australia. It wasn't a success for me. I tried draping it over the rear panniers while...

  • TheBillder 6 hours 21 min ago

    I'm running a mid 90s chainset (originally had a 6 speed freewheel) with a 10 speed chain and cassette and it all works very well. I might be wrong...

  • capedcrusader 6 hours 37 min ago

    Re: Early morning raid on BV....

  • 11waterloo 6 hours 50 min ago

    Agreed on that, he was definitely part of my first week plans! Not to mention my French riders team - that is in tatters without Le Coq!