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Braking = Angry Bee Sounds

Can anyone help with this problem, please?

Whenever I brake with the front brake, I always get the angry bee sounds.
Bike: Canyon Endurace (2020).
Brakes: Shimano 105 R7070 hydraulic.
Pads: Shimano K03S Resin.

I've cleaned the pads, brake housing and calipers, even flossing them with string.
Plus bleeding them, removing all air bubbles, and pressing the calipers back out. And also forcing the pad spring further apart with screwdriver shaft.

But after 2 rides the noise returns.
The pads aren't brand new, maybe half way through their lifecycle.
They seem to be closing in simultaneously.

Do you think I should take the brake housing apart, so I can properly clean the calipers?

Thank you.

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