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Bad Driving Prosecutions; do the police actually do what they say? (+vid)

I could do without running cameras, but would rather be in a broken state with the police telling me they've arrested a driver as opposed to telling me there's no evidence or witnesses (ie nothing they can do).  I've only ever submitted 2 (to Avon & Somerset Police), the latest is via the link below, and got the standard, "the driver has been issued with a warning letter, fixed penalty or prosecution; thanks for helping keep the road safe".  Lesson from the latest was to check the timestamps were correct; they weren't but I felt it was sufficiently bad driving and just submitted it anyway.  Is there any evidence the police follow through with what they say or is it just to make us feel better?  I e mailed Domestic Drain Solutions in Bristol (the van in the video); never got a response.


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