Advice needed regarding gear indexing

Hi all

I recently stripped my entire bike down and decided to do a DIY paint job on it which as it happens has turned out better than expected. However, I replaced all my cables, front mech, rear mech etc as well as they were a bit worn to say the least. I am now having horrendous problems getting the front mech indexed so that it jumps all 3 cogs correctly. When I get the small cog to work, it won’t move up to the middle, then it won’t move up to the big cog.

I am getting seriously frustrated with it and can’t get it in to a bike shop for at least 2 weeks due to the backlog they have. Can anyone give me some steps to follow that may help me please? All I need to know is the sequence I need to take to get the front mech functioning correctly. Thanks in advance.

NB. It’s a Claris triple setup, with FSA Tempo Crankset and the original triple shifters. Not sure what they are but I believe they preceded Claris.

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