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Advice on compatibility of cassettes, chains, etc

Hi all,

Idiot/novice here in need of basic advice on cross-compatibility of cassettes, chains and front derailleur indexing. 

I own two road bikes: Lapierre is used for commuting and wet winter training, Ribble is used for summer riding and racing. I have one set of wheels for each bike. Cheap alloy on the Lapierre, Carbon rims on the Ribble - both rim brakes.

For context, I am on a tight budget and as such I have bought a set of Fulcrum 900 C17 allow wheels for training on the Ribble so I don't destroy the carbon wheels with my rim brakes when its a bit wet and muddy/gritty on the roads. I would also like to have the option of being able to use these alloy wheels on the Lapierre when winter training in the rain. Mainly because the current Lapierre alloy wheels are ready for the bin (very buckled). So here is my summary below:

Lapierre trainer bike specs:

Shimano Claris 50x39x30T triple chainring (teeth starting to look worn, may need replacing in near future - done 12000km), 8 speed 11-28 cassette and chain are shot and going in the bin. Remainder of drive train is also Claris and probably in need of replacing soon. 

Ribble race bike specs:

Shimano 105 50x34T chainring with 105 11 speed 11-34 cassette. Bike is new and done less than 1200km.

SO, my intention is to purchase a 105 11-30 cassette (£42 currently) to fit on the new Fulcrum alloy training wheels for use with either bike. And obviously a new 11 speed chain (<£20) for the Lapierre to make this work.

1. Does anyone see any potential problems with the compatiblity of these setups? E.g. Will the gear indexing still work when switching between these 4 configurations?

2. Can anyone also advise on whether i'm just going to trash the chain etc on the Ribble by swapping the trainer wheel between a very tired drivetrain on the Lapierre and shiny new 105 parts on the Ribble.

Presumably the obvious choice would be to replace the remainder of the drivetrain on the Lapierre with new bits but i'm scraping pennies here and trying to avoid additional expense. However i'm open to any suggestions of corner cutting and deals on parts. For example I've seen chainreactioncycles are doing a 105 full group set for £300, however I do not need the brakes etc. and I cannot really afford £300. Budget is maybe 150 max.

Hope this makes sense to you all. All advice welcome, any other questions, let me know.



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