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Adding power sensors to 2016 S-Works Roubaix


1st post here, hopefully not too far off topic.

I am looking to upgrade my very nice 2016 S-Works Roubaix sensor package, specifically by adding a new GPS head unit and power meter.

I have basic sensors like wheel revs and pedal revs etc in a VDO M6 wireless setup already and Strava for ride logging.

But I am looking to upgrade significantly and add a decent power meter and handlebar head unit.

The issue is that the range of options is just bewildering, and I am loathe to switch out SRAM Red 952 CF crank arms with chain rings that work flawlessly, for potentially iffy after market gear just get power data, and am unsure what can be added e.g. as a spider or pedal unit without needing specific head unit hardware.

The options are myriad: Quark cranks, Quark spiders, Garmin Vector / Rally, SRM, SRAM AXS... and then the integration with the head unit is a whole other thing, needing me to sign up with Garmin's logging system and share with Strava, or Wahoo or whatever, let alone ensuring the sensor hardware links seamlessly with the computer head via ANT+ or Bluetooth or some other protocol.

I have a decent budget (1,000-2,000 EUR not an issue), and I am looking for a bulletproof system that will last me another 4-5 years of circa 2-3K cycling annually. If it means replacing the VDO system entirely then I would prefer to do that than jury rig something.

I would really welcome some explanations of varying options from wiser heads, and descriptions of how you solved this kind of situation with your own personal bike, esp. if slightly older.

My Roubaix is not new but it is a beautiful machine and I don't like to mess with success, so one side of me hears "danger here!!" by fiddling with a simple but well established system. The other side of me wants to see 400-600W on a chart...

Many thanks for your thoughts and inputs.

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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