Stage 6 La Vuelta

Day six in La Vuelta's baking heat, biggest news this morning is Matti Breschel has withdrawn/abandoned but i dont know why yet, someone will fill me in i'm sure

So fairly average stage today with a Cat 2 kick near the end which should kill off the chances of the sprinters and leave it will the bigger GC guys again today

Not sure i'm liking how this year's course has been laid out, its all about climbs and GC guys in the first week rather than giving the lesser known guys and sprinters a chance to win some points and stages

Whatever i may think, i shall be sitting watching it today from my recliner because during the night i went up the stairs to the toilet and just like normal, i didn't put the stair lights on, coming back down i missed a step and landed in a heap at the bottom, so my newly healed dislocated thumb is playing up and i think i've twisted an ankle  14

Four guys in the break today, they have 2 mins up the road
25 Palomares (ESP, ACG) +51:25
32 Kohler (SUI, BMC) +52:25
45 Saramotins (LAT, COF) +1:12:55
172 Doi (JPN, SKS) +1:13:07

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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