Petacchi, eh?  3

I'm happy cos I picked him, others seem to be moaning that Chavendish was blocked...

Personally I think Cav let the cat out the bag by allowing Petacchi around him when he was so well placed-I don't think he can really blame anyone but himself and he still had room on the left to push through if he'd stuck to his guns.

Not sure I did so well with the rest of the classification though...

Exciting last hour though-felt pretty sorry for Lang when he was swept up by the peleton after such a brutal stint off the front!


Gkam84 [9146 posts] 8 years ago

If i was Cav instead of waving my finger, i would have just given him a nudge off the bike, seen him out of the Giro

It was a blatant block, any other race he gets demoted, but he's Italian in a race in Italy, never going to happen, if it had been the other way round, Cav would have been done

Gregoire500 [104 posts] 8 years ago

Cav complaining about dangerous sprinting is a bit hypocritical though, isn't it? The fact that he also normally uses Renshaw to do it to his advantage makes it doubly so...

Watching the replay you can see Petacchi's wheel touched his as he moves back to the right, but just by virtue of the the fact it is Cav I find it hard to sympathise.

When it comes down to it he was too sluggish responding to Petacchi and letting him get in front left him at his mercy, imhop.