Road rash on face

Hi all


not a great subject however I'm now on day 5 after coming off on black ice and having some fairly nasty road rash on my face as well as two sets of stitches.

the pain went fairly quickly and much quicker than say elbows or knees however I have a huge ugly deep red scab on my face and am looking for some advice 

should I continue to apply Vaseline to the scab to maintain moisture? I've been doing this every other day ?  The scab is really very itchy, any tips for dealing with this as it's keeping me awake at night! 
any tips for preventing scars ?  Any tips for covering it up and getting on with life ? (I'm working from home at the moment due to the horrific look of this!)


would be good to hear from anyone that's actually had rr on their face as it's a very different experience to having it on other parts of your body!


thanks in advance 




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