What are your opinion on those computers. Is Garmin edge 830 touch screen worth over weird positioned buttons on 530?


TheBillder [62 posts] 1 month ago
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I have an aged Edge 810 and find the touch screen more of a hindrance than a help, as I am prone to touching it by accident when removing the GPS at a cafe stop. But if you want to be able to see more than a screenful on the move, swiping to another view might be handy, and sometimes it is nice to be able to get to the map easily. Another use for multiple views is if you want to see plenty of numbers at more than insurance small print size.

So it depends a bit on how you'll use the thing.

Russell Orgazoid [560 posts] 1 month ago

Off piste a bit but I'd consider other brands too. Wahoo, obviously, and I've heard many positive comments on the Bryton range that get little press time in the UK.

arckuk [111 posts] 1 month ago

I've previously owned a 500 (fine, but a bit limited), an 810 (decent, but a bit buggy, laggy and was losing battery life after 3 years of use). I replaced it with a 520 plus at the end of last year,  but didn't really like the buttons only interface, felt like navigation was just too much for the processor in this device, the screen was a little too small for my ageing eyes, and the way the backlight button works was stupid. I was on the verge of jumping to Wahoo, was tempted by Hammerhead (a bit big, and the omission of a beep for navigation signalling was a big no), but went to a Garmin 830 at the time of the recent £50 cash back offer.

I'm very pleased with the result, the battery life is good, screen and touch interface is excellent, the upgraded processor means it's much more reactive and it hasn't crashed once. The auto backlight setting is much better than the previous manual one. The climb pro feature is good, and a variety of other software developments make it much better for analysis (though Garmin connect / Strava are  still better). I think the 530 and 830 are essentially the same device with buttons or a touchscreen, the difference in pricing is ridiculous, but for me it's definitely worth it! It has restored some faith in Garmin's ability to produce a decent GPS device, even if it is pretty pricey. Managed to ebay my 810 and 520+ for a total of £250, so the cost of the upgrade was only £50 for me.