New road bike under 1000 GBP


I'm searching for a new road bike under 1000 GBP. I'm looking for a setup with Shimano 105 (the 7000 model), 22 speeds.

The 2 options I'm looking at the moment are:
- Focus Izalco Race 6.9 (2019):
- Scott Speedster 10 (2019):

This is my first road bike, I'm looking for a bike which is fast, light, easy to climb hills which will be used for tours of around 40-50 km.
The Focus is lighter and the setup of the sprocket is 11-30 while the Scott has a more comfortable geometry and the sprocket is 11x32.

It's not possible to test any of them because I can't find any of them in a local store. Which one would you prefer and why?

Thank you!

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