Pinarello - endurance worthy?

I recently visited my LBS and fell in love with the looks of a Pinarello  Prince. Unfortunately, they did not have one in stock in my size to test ride, so while I wait for them to remedy that, I was hoping to get others opinions on this brand, and the endurance capability of the Prince.

The LBS told me that the Prince was a slightly more endurance aimed version of the Dogma F10. For my riding, I will need something comfy enough to get me around on weekends and comfortably pull off 50-100 miles. I am looking for an "in between" bike such as the Prince as i felt the endurance only bikes (such as the Roubaix or Domane) felt dead and the full on race bikes (Dogma, Tarmac) are to harsh / agressive.

Can anyone who owns a Prince confirm or deny how comfortable they are for longer rides in terms of geometry and road feedback?

Which brings me to my next question. Pinarello is the first bike I have tried to research where I could find little to no trust worthy information at all. Even Pinarello's website is severly lacking anything helpful. It looks like most sites that pop up all have the same phrases curated by Pinarello and almost as if Pinarello is "shadow banning" any legitimate reviews. No bike is perfect, but it would appear as if Pinarello is paying someone to give it that image. I know they rely on selling bikes at a premium price for the shiny paint and curvy frames, but dang... no user reviews found online?

So, canyone who owns any model Pinarello, do you mind giving me your feedback on your bike? Or, am I to believe they are all perfect except for the 50% that ship with cracks in the frames in which GITA won't warranty. (according to the only information I can find online)

Tl;Dr - Please help, give me your opinions on the Pinarello Prince.

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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