Strangely, stage 1 had 32 young riders, but stage 2 only had 22. (Cycling News)

I can't find any rules on the official website, but going through the list of names of those left, it appears the rider must be born after 1/1/94. Anyone else have better info?

This is probably of interest to players (like me) who kept Kung in their team for stage 2.

Probably stage 1 needs adjusting, including  noting my previous post that Oomen seemed to be missing his YR class'n points.


Condor Andy [803 posts] 1 year ago

I'll cross check PCS with the Tour de Suisse website and then check the scores.  A brief look shows PCS listing 22 riders, but I'll clarify.

Edit: yeah, you're right Tony, updating the points now.