We've entered as a mixed team of 4 in this years revolve24 at brands hatch. None of us have done this event before, though we are relatively expeienced at other events (TT, Triathlons, Sportives etc). I thought I'd see waht the gathered wisdom of the Road.CC forum can help us with. In paticular i'm intreested in:

  • Garage
    • How many teams/people?
    • Places to put bikes?
    • How much time do you spend there?
    • How much room do you get?
    • What can you put/do you want in there?
  • Food
    • What should we bring?
    • What is available?
  •  Custom Kit
    • Any ideas for reasonably priced kit - Kalas has a minimum order of 5 and we're a team of 4!
  • Overnight
    • Schedule
    • Sleep - is it over rated?
  • Anything specific to this event that we wouldn't have thought of?


Russ (Redditch Misfits)


TheLonelyOne [382 posts] 6 months ago
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Not done Revolve24, but from other reports here on road.cc:

  • a fan/bar heater of some kind and warm clothing. It gets cold overnight!
  • There is no lighting on the circuit overnight - get some high power lights and don't forget the chargers.

From things I've seen at other races I have been at, if you're taking it quite seriously then a pit-lane signalling board or walkie-talkie/radio.

Having done a solo 24, I found that even a 20 minute doze was really refreshing. 

Monkey_boy [6 posts] 6 months ago
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Thanks for that - high power lights are in the rules, so we'll be taking them. We plan to bring chargers for everything (Laptops, Cycle Computers, Lights, Phones...). Heaters is a great idea - I'll put them on the list for our planning get together. Radio's are not allowed, but a signaling board is a great idea. Another one for the list! Cheers.

Richard1982 [108 posts] 6 months ago

 Use a sensible rear light, it's amazingly annoying when it's three am and someone ahead of you has a flashing 10billion lumen rear light.

"It gets cold overnight!"

 This! When I last did it, it was wet and cold. When you come back from being on the bike you're sat in a garage which was open at both sides. If I did it again I'd be taking a tent or something I could take shelter in. Or a camper van. Or just doing an 8 hour shift then going to a hotel :-P I took skinsuits and whatnot and was freezing. Some decent winter kit would have probably been a lot quicker!

 I've done 4 of these 24 type events, I find that I can't really sleep. You will naturally feel low about 3am-6am but if you push on then you'll be fine again until the next afternoon evening. The problem is that you're blasting on the bike so it takes a while to calm down. Then when you do it's pretty much time to start thinking about getting ready. Obviously depends on how many laps you're doing per turn and what not. 

 Oh and don't make the mistake of thinking Brands Hatch is flat  10