On Monday I had a dreadfully close pass from a double decker school bus. It was on an open stretch of national speed limit road with the bus doing, I guess, 50 mph. Ive had enough of idiot drivers and I want to submit my helmet cam footage to the police and the bus company.

Does anyone know where to send it for Police Scotland, specifically in the Highlands.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


giff77 [1318 posts] 5 months ago

There's absolutely no means of  electronically sending video footage on the Police Scotland website. You will need to either report it on their site and await them to get back to you OR just roll up to your local station and show the footage to them.  They may or may not take a copy from you but is worth holding on to it in case they decide to charge the individual and need it as evidence which is helpful if  you dont have an independent witness to colloborate the incident.

This will most likely result in the constable paying the driver a visit for a 'chat'.  From personal experience I've had to push for even this minimal response as Police Scotland will only get involved if you were injured regardless of the careless/dangerous driving.  The only positive experience I have had was when two cycle cops dealt with a close pass and were pretty much proactive in dealing with the incident.  I'm in the old Strathclyde Division so I've no idea how they compare to Northern/Grampian in dealing with stuff like this and it seems to have gotten worse since they created Police Scotland.

When showing them the footage they usually expect a couple of minutes either side to guarantee you weren't being a bam though when at the station best have it cued for thew actual event. 

There's probably nothing stopping you submitting to the bus company and depending on the age of the bus there may also be footage collaborate their drivers behaviour.  Also avoid posting on social media until the polis decide what they're going to do.

Hope you get it sorted.

Duncann [1393 posts] 5 months ago
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giff77 wrote:

guarantee you weren't being a bam

One of the words I miss now, being daan Sarf.

Otherwise good advice.

zero_trooper [269 posts] 5 months ago
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You could also take it up with the Scottish version of the Local Education Authority (or council equivalent) who award schools contracts to bus/coach companies.
Might give your complaint a bit more clout.

giff77 [1318 posts] 4 months ago
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Hi brokenorange. How did you get on with the polis?  Or did you tackle the education authorities.