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Bravo Giant bikes and Cycle surgery!

Dear fellow bikers,

I have to pay respect to cycle surgery and giant. What I experienced recently might help you decide on which brand and where to buy if you are considering to buy a bike in the near future.

On February 2nd I bought a giant defy advanced 3 for a very good price online at

This is a review:

Without any hassle the exact bike arrived a week later in Germany. I built it up, but unfortunately on my first ride to bed in the disc brakes the frame snapped. The seat tube was completely broken.

I contacted Cycle Surgery and discussed the matter. One possible solution discussed was to contact giant Germany to avoid sending the bike from Germany tot he UK back and forth. I contacted Giant Germany and they pointed me to a respected dealer close to my home:

After a quick call I drover over and dropped the bike with the broken frame. Within three days a new frame arrived and the guys at Ganser started to strip the frame and build up the bike. The gave me a call and showed the replacement frame (see picture) and asked if I was ok to accept an upgrade, as giant did not have the exact frame in stock. Happily I agreed!

This Monday I was able to pick up the bike and took it home. After a little fettling (New wheels and bartape, etc.) this is the bike!

Nice, isn´t it?

One little problem occured, as following their procedures, giant did not cover the cost of stripping the broken frame and building up the new bike. I paid happily, as I received this beauty without any problems!

Nevertheless I contacted Cycle Surgery and they were happy to cover my expenses!

This is customer service at ist best.


best regards



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