Sat 24th!

We're nearly at the first rouleurs race of the season.. excited much!

Will GVA win the win for the third year on bounce? Noteably there's no Stannard or Sagan, but could this be the year for Sep Vanmarcke, Daniel Oss or maybe Tim Wellens... 

I can't see any Brits in with a chance although I'm looking forward to see how Chris Lawless does as neo-pro.

I'm betting GVA, however I'm backing Wellens for a late breakaway win. Who's you're money on?



huntswheelers [132 posts] 5 months ago

Should be a very diffferent race this year, we are going again....cycling out to Haaghoek and Leburg.... the Womens race goes on those 2 section too so a Bonus..... My money is on GVA again but Michael Matthews could spring a surprise, Sep Vanmarcke is on the start list so should go well as should Tiesj Benoot being local riders.... But I guess it will be between GVA and Gilbert of QS in the end. Sky have an "unusual" line up without Stannard and Rowe but then I don't usually pay that much attention to them when I'm out there....... but then there is Lars Boom  who might just pull something out of the bag......  going to be a little cool out there according to the weather forecast but then there is the welcome beer at the end of the day....

peted76 [1105 posts] 5 months ago

Riding out there sounds like fun  1