I know there were problems getting prizes in a timely manner with the old prizes. I'm not suggesting we should go back to such large numbers of prizes as in the past. But this is a popular game and most of us are in the market for bikes and the game would grow hugely if prizes were offered.

The main things I think you could find sponsors for are:-

1. Some kind of prize for each standard race.

2. A really good prize for the season winner in the standard game.

3. Bikes for grand tour standard game winners.

I find it difficult to believe there isn't a manufacturer or two who wouldn't like to have their name linked to a popular and established game that would expose their brand for the entire season repeatedly to the market.


dave atkinson [6528 posts] 2 years ago

see this thread - http://road.cc/content/forum/204287-state-game-question - for my comment on prizes. i'm not against them, but the reality is that everyone that wants to offer us something to give away would generally rather do it on the main site. 

it's not a closed discussion though and we're always open to offers