My friends and I have been playing your fantasy competition for the last few years and it is great fun. We generally do the "Standard" competition, but for La Vuelta this year we all felt that we didn't have the time (kids, wives, bikes, etc getting in the way) to think about transfers every day, so we opted for the "Purist" competition instead.

In both competitions we've found that the contest is sometimes not as good as we might hope; the "Standard" competition is sometimes a bit too intense (the number of transfers available means you have to consider your team pretty much every day and we don't all have time for that, as mentioned above) whereas the "Purist" competition is very limited with no interaction (and a couple of us have had our team decimated by injuries with no chance to swap anyone in).

As such, I would like to suggest for future grand tours that you add a "Minimalist" competition (name not important). The new competition would have a much lower number of transfers (perhaps 10) than "Standard" while not being completely fixed as "Purist" is. Given your new "game engine" I would hope that adding an additional competition would not be too difficult?



enrique [2421 posts] 3 years ago

As much as I love your idea, and I do!   1 , I would rather suggest we have a 'Maximalist' competition where we could have Unlimited (!) transfers! for all the Grand Tours!  1 What a blast that would be! No planning at all!  1

james.hargreaves [1 post] 3 years ago
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Thanks @enrique, I agree that format would be a valuable addition too.

However, it doesn't do much in helping solve my issue of not having enough time to look at my fantasy team every day!

In any case, with the new "game engine" it sounds like they can add as many competitions with different rules as they like? So we could have both...