Forum Scorum 2016

Hello everyone and welcome back, hope you all had a good winter and if anyone is interested Forum Scorum returns for 2016

Ive set up a Forum Scorum league for 2016 (league ID: 76580)

Im thinking of following the same scoring and rules as last year which are posted below, along with last years calendar, and most events will be similar, maybe the odd addition or deletion


Grand Tour Overall:35,20,15,10,7,5,4,3,2,1
Grand Tour Purist Overall:10,7,4,2,1
Multi Stage Race Overall:10,7,4,2,1
Multi Stage Race Overall Purist:5,4,3,2,1
Autumn Classics/Spring Classics/Worlds/Womens World Cup Overall Competitions(standard only):20,15,10,8,6,5,4,3,2,1
Every Stage (per competition, ie points awarded per stage in TDU standard as well as San Luis Purist, or seperatley for both Giro standard and Giro purist as comps now run independently meaning more points on offer!):3,2,1....ties will be broken by GC position within that competition and then within the game.

Most races will be included, and I will keep the list up to date when we have decided if certain races are being run within the game. All WT races will have both Standard and Purist formats. Some of the other races may only contain standard or purist depending on what is run in the game, or how significant a race it is, where I may only score standard 

The main rule is: In order to score points for a specific competition, your team must be present in the league for the deadline of the first stage of said race

2016 Races (for which points count and scoring criteria)

Tour Down Under Standard (Multi Stage Race)
Tour Down Under Purist (Multi Stage Race Purist)
Tour de San Luis Purist (Multi Stage Race Purist)
Dubai Tour Purist (Multi Stage Race Purist)
Tour Of Qatar Standard (Multi Stage Race)
Tour Of Qatar Purist (Multi Stage Race Purist)
Tour of Oman Standard (Multi Stage Race)
Tour of Oman Purist (Multi Stage Race Purist)
Ruta del Sol Purist (Multi Stage Race Purist)
Volta ao Algarve Purist (Multi Stage Race Purist)
OHN & KBK (Multi Stage Race Standard (Purist Scoring))
Spring Classics Standard (Classics)
Paris - Nice Standard (Multi Stage Race)
Paris - Nice Purist (Multi Stage Race Purist)
Tirreno - Adriatico Standard (Multi Stage Race)
Tirreno - Adriatico Purist (Multi Stage Race Purist)
Volta ao Catalunya Standard (Multi Stage Race)
Volta ao Catalunya Purist (Multi Stage Race Purist)
Criterium International Purist (Multi Stage Race Purist)
Vuelta al Pais Vasco Standard (Multi Stage Race)
Vuelta al Pais Vasco Purist (Multi Stage Race Purist)
Giro del Trentino Standard (Multi Stage Race)
Tour de Romandie Standard (Multi Stage Race)
Tour de Romandie Purist (Multi Stage Race Purist)
Tour de Yorkshire Standard (Multi Stage Race)
Giro d'Italia Standard (Multi Stage Race)
Giro d'Italia Purist (Multi Stage Race Purist)
Tour of California Standard (Multi Stage Race)
Tour of California Purist (Multi Stage Race Purist)
Criterium du Dauphine Standard (Multi Stage Race)
Criterium du Dauphine Purist (Multi Stage Race Purist)
Tour de Suisse Standard (Multi Stage Race)
Tour de Suisse Purist (Multi Stage Race Purist)
Tour de France Standard (Multi Stage Race)
Tour de France Purist (Multi Stage Race Purist)
Tour de Polonge Standard (Multi Stage Race)
Tour de Polonge Purist (Multi Stage Race Purist)
Eneco Tour Standard (Multi Stage Race)
Eneco Tour Purist (Multi Stage Race Purist)
Vuelta a Espana Standard (Multi Stage Race)
Vuelta a Espana Purist (Multi Stage Race Purist)
Autumn Classics Standard (Classics)
Tour of Britain Standard (Multi Stage Race)
Tour of Britain Purist (Multi Stage Race Purist)
Canadian Races (Multi Stage Race)
Womens World Champs (Worlds)
Mens World Champs (Worlds)

2016 Results/Winners

Tour Down Under: Stevemarks
Tour Down Under Purist: Jonas Lorenzen
Tour de San Luis Purist: Aragonite & Allan Bremner
Dubai Tour Purist: TERatcliffe26
Tour of Qatar Standard: dc04dc
Tour of Qatar Purist: TERatcliffe26
Tour of Oman Standard: Twybados
Tour of Oman Purist: Ghedebrav
Ruta del Sol Purist: Allan Bremner
Volta ao Algarve Purist: Aragonite
OHN & KBK Standard: Teckert
Spring Classics Standard: Aragonite
Paris - Nice Standard: Simon F
Paris - Nice Purist: Archieboy
Tirreno - Adriatico Standard: Adholman
Tirreno - Adriatico Purist: Allan Bremner
Volta ao Catalunya Standard: Aragonite
Volta ao Catalunya Purist: Florry
Criterium International Purist: tony kappler
Vuelta al Pais Vasco Standard: Adholman
Vuelta al Pais Vasco Purist: Archieboy
Giro del Trentino Standard: naffets
Tour de Romandie Standard: Stevemarks
Tour de Romandie Purist: Twybados
Tour de Yorkshire Standard: dc04dc
Giro d'Italia Standard: RunaroundSioux
Giro d'Itlaia Purist: Mike.Franchetti
Tour of California Standard: tony kappler
Tour of California Purist: TERatcliffe26
Criterium du Dauphine Standard: Archieboy
Criterium du Dauphine Purist: Thomas Bailey
Tour de Suisse Standard: Chrisdstripes
Tour de Suisse Purist: Stevemarks
Tour de France Standard: tony kappler
Tour de France Purist: Archieboy
Tour de Polonge Standard: Moist Von Lipwig
Tour de Polonge Purist: AWPeleton
Eneco Tour Standard: 
Eneco Tour Purist: 
Vuelta a Espana Standard: 
Vuelta a Espana Purist: 
Autumn Classics Standard:
Tour of Britain Standard: 
Tour of Britain Purist: 
Canadian Races: 
Womens World Champs: 
Mens World Champs: 

Below is also a link to last years thread

- See more at:

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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