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The birth of a new brand: UDOG shoes

What does it take to start a new cycling brand from scratch?

There are a lot of very well-established brands in road cycling, with long and illustrious histories. But at the same time there are always new brands popping up and looking for their space in what's a very active and growing market. UDOG is one of the newcomers, surfacing last year with an initial offering of two road shoes.

We've reviewed both of the UDOG shoes independently here on over the past year, and both did really well. 

2022 UDOG Tensione Pure Black.jpg

The UDOG Tensione is the more affordable of the two, and reviewer Stu really liked them, calling them "a comfortable pair of cycling shoes thanks to a great sole shape and an upper that wraps around your feet, with the laces giving an even spread of pressure"

2022 UDOG Cima Pure Black.jpg

The UDOG Cima was similarly well-received, with Stu concluding that "they'll work anywhere you want a stiff, lightweight shoe with a very comfortable upper."

But where do these new brands spring from, and what does it take to get a new shoe like this to market? We caught up with UDOG's Alberto Fonte to ask him about his journey launching the UDOG brand.

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