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Bike at Bedtime - Sarto Seta+ featuring the new Campagnolo Bora Ultra WTO 45 Wheelset

Drift off with this beautiful bike at bedtime... and this one really is gorgeous

When Campagnolo sent us all of the juicy details about their new Bora Ultra WTO wheels, they sent along with it a stack of photos of the new wheels on very fancy bikes. There were far too many for us to include in the article so we thought that we’d have a look at the bikes in a little more detail here.

One of those bikes was this Sarto Seta+, an Italian beauty that, unfortunately, we don’t see that often on UK roads.

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Sarto frames are bespoke to the rider that is buying them and this is Tri-Composite,  an updated version of the Seta+. Sarto says that Tri-Composite is a metal filament woven into the lamination of the frame, that is stained in 3 colours (Red, Blue or Green). The metal filament woven with the carbon fiber is claimed to attenuate vibrations thanks to the different resonance frequency and, "in the event of an impact, slides in the resin between the fibers, maintaining structural integrity. Both vibrations and localised mechanical stresses are absorbed much more effectively, improving the riding experience."

You might think that this sounds expensive and you’d be correct in that assumption. 

Sarto Seta+ 6

Pricing for a Seta+ starts at £6699 which includes the stem, bar, saddle, seat post, 2x bottle cages and a choice of colours. This also includes full custom geometry and the option for custom design. For the Tri-Composite it’s an extra £1000 on top. Although that’s pricey, Sarto frames start from £4800. 

Sarto Seta+ 4

Sarto says that the Seta is a race bike, but this is more than just a racer’s dream. This disc frameset has plenty of space around the tyres and as a result, the Seta allows you to pop anything up to a 35mm tyre on. While we’d all love to ride perfectly surfaced roads all of the time, that is unfortunately a rarity, so having a bike that allows for wider tyres to be used is a sensible step.

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Adding to the comfort are the seat stays which are attached directly to the top tube. This, Sarto says, allows for more compliance in the rear end.

Sarto Seta+ 2

The front end of the Seta features fully integrated cables which give an incredibly clean look, especially when paired with the internally routed bar and stem.

Sarto Seta+ 8

As you’d expect of a bike that Campagnolo sent us to display their new wheels, the Seta has a full Campagnolo Super Record groupset with this bike sporting hydraulic disc brakes and electronic 12-speed shifting.

Sarto Seta+ 3

The bike was set up primarily to display the new Campagnolo Bora Ultra WTO 45 wheelset. This is a tubeless-ready disc brake wheelset that features hidden nipples, a new carbon fibre front hub body and a very fancy carbon layup that requires no lacquer on the rim, saving weight.

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We’ve got a set of the new wheels coming in for review but if you want a set right now, they’ll set you back a tidy £2,800.

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Those wheels have been set up with Vittoria’s Corsa G2.0 TLR tyres in what looks to be the 28mm size.

The brand is available through 10 specialist independent retailers across the UK.

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