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Keep your head protected! 8 of the best road and time trial cycle helmets from MET

Find out about the innovative technology behind MET’s road riding, racing and time trialling helmets, and consider all the factors needed to pick the perfect helmet for you

With more than 30 years in the cycle helmet industry, MET helmets are created with unparalleled expert knowledge. The full, varied range of MET helmets is designed and developed in Italy, and MET prides itself on being closer to its product and customers than any other helmet manufacturer.

The results of that dedication to detail can be seen in the innovative technology that MET employs in its helmets. Whether it is the use of brain-protecting MIPS technology (which we’ll look at in detail later) or other unique MET-specific features that have been specially designed with the wearer in mind, few other brands can boast such impressive all-round abilities.

MET Trenta 3K Carbon  cycling helmet - glasses

For example, MET’s Safe-T fitting systems have been created to offer the most secure connection between head and helmet. The development of MET’s removable Duo LED lighting technology means your helmet can help add to your road presence with a fixed or flash mode. MET’s NACA venting, unique internal air channelling, and effective hot air exhaust port design offer supreme cooling performance. And then there are the little touches, such as anti-bacterial padding or anti-slip side strap adjusters, which make MET helmets so easy to live with.

Met Rivale Helmet - inside.jpg

All this technology isn’t just dreamt up in the lab or designed to look good on the spec sheet. MET helmets have been worn by some of the most demanding riders, such as professional World Enduro and WorldTour race winners, including the Dimension Data and UAE Tour de France teams.

So what should you use to keep your head protected while riding your road bike? Here are some of the best options…

How to choose – and wear – the right helmet

1. First of all, decide what kind of cycling you will be doing. For more demanding rides you might benefit from more advanced performance requirements, such as…

2. How much cooling will you need? Riders intending to undertake long, hot summer rides, should look for a helmet that really optimises ventilation.

2021 MET Duo LED - 1

3. Will you be riding at night regularly? If so, opt for a helmet with integrated lighting, such as MET’s Duo LED light technology.

4. If you are planning to race or time trial, maximise potential performance by choosing a helmet designed to be ultra-efficient aerodynamically.

MET Vinci helmet - tension system.jpg

5. What is your budget? There are fantastic helmets at all price points and you can be reassured that all MET helmets pass CE and BSI safety standards. However, if you can afford more, it does mean you can choose enhanced features, such as MIPS technology.

6. Fit and comfort is key – you don’t want a helmet that wobbles on your head or one that pinches painfully. Make sure any helmet you buy can be tightened to offer a secure but comfortable fit.

7. Wear your helmet the right way round! It might sound stupid, but back-to-front helmet wearing has been done.

8. Your helmet is designed to protect both the front and back of your head, so wear it level, not tilted backwards or forwards.

9. Make sure your straps have been adjusted to sit around your ears and do up securely but not tightly under your chin.

What is MIPS?

MIPS – Multi-Directional Impact System – is the benchmark when it comes to managing rotational forces on the brain and has been shown to make helmets 10% safer than non-MIPS alternatives. MIPS helmets utilise a separate inner cradle which, in a crash, can move independently to the outer helmet, meaning a rider’s brain is not subjected to the same twisting or rotational forces that neurologists believe are an important contributory factor in concussions.

2020 Met Rivale MIPS helmet - inside.jpg

Although MIPS is a standalone body and safety provider in itself, MET has fully committed to the technology and includes MIPS protection in the majority of its road cycling helmet models. MET is also one of the few brands to have a full in-house testing facility, so it can simulate any kind of impact – not only direct impacts as required for certification standards but also rotational impact testing. That means MET doesn’t fit MIPS just because it ‘thinks’ it works – MET knows that MIPS really does work.

Find out all you need to know about MIPS

Click on the helmet name to find out more about each model on MET's website.   

Idolo £49.99

2021 MET Idolo helmet.jpg

Don’t let the affordable price fool you: the Idolo is no ‘budget’ helmet. Rather, it is a high-value replica of one of MET’s top road cycling helmets but made more accessible to a wider range of riders. The Idolo’s ergonomic design, compact shape and Safe-T E-mid Fitting system combine comfort and protection all in one and, as with high-end road helmets, it uses a selection of ultra-efficient vents to create maximum airflow and keep your head cool. For daily performance and ease, the internal padding is anti-allergic and hand washable, the side strap dividers are anti-slip and, as part of MET’s ‘Be Seen Project’, there’s even an integrated Duo LED fitted to the back of the fit system. In short, the Idolo has everything you need, and more, at a stunning price.

Sizes M (52-59cm), XL (60-64cm)
Weight 250g (Size M)
Tech Safe-T E-Mid fitting, Duo LED light included
Colours Black/red metallic; black/shaded white/red; cyan/black, fluo yellow/black; red/black; white/shaded grey; black
Perfect for... New roadies, commuters or any rider who can spot incredible value
Available from your local bike shop; ask your dealer to order for you via

Strale £79.99

2021 MET Strale helmet.jpeg

When you need ultimate performance without ultimate cost, MET’s Strale helmet should be at the top of your list of options. The Strale is an ultra-comfortable, super-ventilated helmet that uses MET’s NACA venting design along with an exceptional air channelling system to push airflow through the interior of the helmet. Then, enhanced by the Venturi effect created by the Strale’s overall design, hot air is efficiently expelled out of the rear of the helmet via two large exhaust holes. A further two vents at the side truly maximise overall ventilation and the Strale comes equipped with the Safe-T Duo fit system with three vertical adjustments as well as an integrated Duo LED light and a reflective sticker on the back of the system. As with the Idolo, internal padding is anti-allergic and hand washable. For a truly cool road helmet, look no further.

Met Strale Helmet - back.jpg

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Sizes S (52-56cm), M (56-58cm) and L (59-62cm)
Weight 255g (Size M)
Tech Safe-T Duo fitting, NACA vent with internal air channelling, integrated LED light
Colours Black/cyan; black/fluo yellow; black/red; black/white; white/black; black; black/red
Perfect for... Long-range and high-demand riders who need comfort and performance
Available from your local bike shop; ask your dealer to order for you via

Vinci MIPS £100

2021 MET Vinci MIPS helmet.jpeg

Inspired by MET’s award-winning Trenta cycling helmet, the Vinci helmet is exceptionally lightweight and features internal air-channelling that works in sync with its exhaust ports to maximise ventilation. However, that’s far from being the end of the Vinci’s dedication to innovation ends. As its name suggests, the Vinci MIPS utilises integrated MIPS-C2 head-protecting technology to isolate your brain from rotational forces in the event of a crash. A reflective rear sticker and Duo LED light compatibility means you can stay seen in low lighting. And the Vinci MIPS’s Safe-T Duo Fit System means it will stay securely snug to your head. ‘Safe and secure’ never looked so exciting.

MET Vinci helmet - back.jpg

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Sizes S (52-56cm), M (56-58cm), L (58-61cm)
Weight 265g (Size M)
Tech MIPS-C2, Safe-T Duo fitting, 360-degree head belt, 16 vents with internal air channelling, Duo LED light compatible, two sunglasses ports
Colours Black/red; blue metallic; grey/fluo yellow; red metallic; shaded black; shaded white
Perfect for... The techno fiend who wants cutting-edge safety innovation
Available from your local bike shop; ask your dealer to order for you via

Rivale £120, Rivale MIPS £140

2021 MET Rivale MIPS helmet.jpeg

The Rivale might have become a legendary name among MET models but this new updated version – available in MIPS and non-MIPS options – boasts an attention to detail that is almost unmatched in helmets at this price point. Leading the innovation is MET’s new Safe-T Upsilon retention system, which offers unparalleled stability on the head thanks to a 360-degree head belt that ensures no pressure points on the skull and an easy-to-use vertical adjustment that provides a truly tailored, individual fit. This new version of the Rivale also features a more aerodynamic shape than its predecessor, while the integrated NACA vent maximises ventilation with the front vents also doubling up as convenient docks for sunglasses. Add in Duo LED lighting compatibility and you’ve got a classic helmet with truly contemporary performance.

2020 Met Rivale MIPS helmet - strap.jpg

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Sizes S (52-56cm), M (56-58cm), L (58-61cm)
Weight 230g (Rivale Size M), 250g (Rivale MIPS Size M)
Tech MIPS-C2 (Rivale MIPS only), Safe-T Upsilon fitting, 360-degree head belt, 18 vents including NACA vent and internal air channelling, Duo LED light compatible
Colours Rivale: white holographic glossy
Rivale MIPS: Blue/black metallic; black/fluo yellow; black/red metallic; black/white/red; red metallic; white/holographic; black
Perfect for... Riders who want timeless style with cutting-edge technology
Available from your local bike shop; ask your dealer to order for you via

Manta MIPS £220

2021 MET Manta MIPS helmet

The all-new MET Manta MIPS has focused on four specific areas – safety, fit, aerodynamics, and style – and has truly succeeded in boosting the performance of all four. From a safety perspective, the Manta has the MIPS brain protection system, which provides 10% better head protection than standard construction helmets in certain impacts. In terms of fit, the Manta’s range-leading Safe-T Orbital fitting system with vertical adjustment and 360-degree head belt ensures a secure, snug fit to the rider's head. In terms of comfort, the Manta’s 15 vents – including an innovative NACA vent – keep the head cool on long rides. And, to keep you looking good, there’s the hugely stylish contemporary overall design along with details such as a fiddle-free Fidlock magnetic buckle, sunglasses ports, Air Lite straps and a reflective rear sticker.

2021 Met Manta Mips Aero Road helmet - clip.jpg

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Sizes S (52-56cm), M (56-58cm), L (58-61cm)
Weight 250g (Size M)
Tech MIPS-C2, Safe-T Orbital Fit, 360-degree head belt, 15 vents including NACA vent and internal air channelling, Air Lite straps, Fidlock magnetic buckle, sunglasses ports
Colours;Black/red; blue metallic; grey/fluo yellow; red metallic; white holographic; black
Perfect for... Riders who want to look as good as they feel
Available from your local bike shop; ask your dealer to order for you via

Trenta 3K Carbon £270

2021 MET Trenta 3K helmet.jpeg

The fact that the Trenta helmet has been worn by Tour de France riders on the Dimension Data and UAE teams should say all you need to know about this helmet: it’s good enough for the most demanding riders taking part in the most demanding race in the world. The reason why it provides such high performance is all down to the design. The Trenta's tube-shaped tail and internal channelling mean that riders benefit from up to 7% less drag compared to a more traditional road helmet. But while some aerodynamic designs can feel more closed in, the Trenta has also been engineered for cooling - only 30% of the helmet touches the head with the front NACA vent and rear deflectors channelling air over the head. The Trenta also features MET's most adjustable fit system yet – the Safe-T Orbital – which allows two-step occipital adjustment, four-step vertical adjustment, and a micrometrical dial to fine-tune the fit. Finally, there’s the question of weight: a 3K carbon cage has been embedded in the liner, helping to reduce EPS foam by 20% without affecting the helmet’s ability to absorb energy in an impact.

Eurobike 2017 Met Trenta helmet 4 - 1.jpg

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Sizes S (52-56cm), M (56-58cm), L (58-61cm)
Weight 215g (Size M)
Tech Safe-T Duo fit, 360-degree head belt, 19 vents including NACA vent and internal air channelling, Air Lite straps, Duo LED light compatible, sunglasses ports
Colours Black/blue metallic; black/raw carbon; black/red metallic; grey; white/raw carbon
Perfect for... The rider wanting ultimate road performance
Available from your local bike shop; ask your dealer to order for you via

Codatronca £270

2021 MET Codatronca helmet.jpeg

Developed and tested in the wind tunnels of Politecnico di Milano and the Milano Newton Lab, the Codatronca has been created to provide the kind of slippery aerodynamics that really boost performance. The short tail design has been engineered so riders can move their head freely and still enjoy drag-free airflow, with the Codatronca having been designed with a wide frontal area to guide airflow smoothly across the shoulders. The magnetically attached Dual-Mag Shield lens further enhances aerodynamic efficiency while also giving an unbroken field of view, even in the lowest of riding positions. Ventilation is catered for with three air vents carefully positioned in areas of high-pressure airflow and in terms of fit, the Codatronca benefits from MET’s Safe-T Orbital fit system with three vertical, two occipital and 360 degrees of adjustment. Finally, a magnetic buckle system makes fastening quick and easy.

Sizes S (52-56cm), M (56-58cm), L (58-61cm)
Weight 370g (Size M)
Tech Safe-T Orbital fit, Dual-Mag Shield lens, short-tail design, wide frontal area, three vents, magnetic buckle
Colours White/black; black/red
Perfect for... Riders who want aero – and more!
Available from your local bike shop; ask your dealer to order for you via

Drone Wide Body £270

2021 MET Drone helmet.jpeg

When every ounce – or watt – of energy is vital, only one helmet will do: MET’s Drone Wide Body. Proven in wind-tunnel tests to save riders 10 watts at speeds of 50km/h compared to both its predecessor model and competitor helmets, the Drone is the key to unlocking your personal best. The Drone features a unique wide body that has been aerodynamically designed to efficiently direct the flow of air and decrease turbulence and drag, with added volume at the sides directing air over the rider's shoulders. It’s not all about outright performance, though, the three frontal vents and internal system of air channels maximises cooling and head comfort, even if the rest of your body is screaming. Similarly, the purpose-built Mag-Clip Shield fits seamlessly with powerful, low-profile neodymium magnetic clips that won’t vibrate loose, while the anti-fog visor coating ensures visual clarity, no matter how hard you ride.

Sizes M (54-58cm), L (59-62cm)
Weight 350g (Size M)
Tech Mag-Clip Shield lens, wide frontal area, three vents with internal air channelling
Colours White/black/red
Perfect for... Marginal gains and ultimate aero performance
Available from your local bike shop; ask your dealer to order for you via

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