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2018 Christmas Gifts for Cyclists — Stocking Fillers & Under £50

The best small (and small-ish) presents for the cyclist in your life

If you’re looking for a relatively small and inexpensive present for a cyclist, here are a whole bunch of suggestions to help you out. 

Some of the things we've selected are stocking fillers while others cost up to £60 at retail. Shop around, though, or use the links provided, and everything shown here is available for under 50 quid.

The Tour According To G £20.00

Buy now for £14.99 

The Tour According To G by Geraint Thomas.jpg

That's G as in Tour de France winner Geraint Thomas, of course, and this is the inside story of what happened before, during, and after the race for Team Sky's all-round nice guy.

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Cycling Souvenirs King of the Mountains Breakfast Bowl £10.99 

Buy it now

KOM_Cereal_Bowl_Group (1)

They might already have the Campagnolo corkscrew, the Chris King Espresso Tamper and the Park Tools Pizza Tool, but what about a King of the Mountains Breakfast Bowl? These are fresh in. Also available in World Champ stripes. 

BBB Samurai Telescopic Mini Pump £29.95

Buy it now for £26.98


The BBB Samurai Telescopic Mini Pump does a good job of inflating a punctured inner tube, it's nice to use and looks good with a smart design. Made from 6061-T6 aluminium, it has a reassuringly solid feel and the fact that it features a hose makes life easier. It's  joy to use, according to our reviewer!

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Athlete Performance Luxury Chamois Cream – Pour Femme £13.99

Buy it now

Muc-Off Womens Chamois Cream

"Chamois cream? You shouldn't have!"

It might be an odd gift choice but this cream from Muc-Off helps keep women riders comfy in the saddle on long rides thanks to a formula that means it stays put yet doesn't feel greasy. A men's version is available too.

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dhb Classic Thermal Sock £8

Buy them now

dhb-Classic-Thermal-Sock-Stripe-Internal-Navy-Pink-AW18-VG00262-5107-4 (1)

We're back on more familiar territory with socks; they're a Christmas staple and these ones from dhb perform well in cool weather. They're warm, lightweight and nicely padded, and they come at a keen price. Spot on!

Read our review Argyle Socks £6.99 

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Mind you, for just £6.99 you can give them a pair of world-famous socks, guaranteed to make anyone ride 5mph faster (that might be a lie).

Fabric Contain Small Saddle Bag £21.99

Buy it now

Fabric Contain Small Saddle Bag 1.jpg

Fabric offers three differently sized Contain saddle bags priced £21.99-£29.99. This small version is big enough to take an inner tube, tyre levers and a CO2 canister and inflator, plus a small multi-tool as well with a bit of careful packing.

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Trigger Bell £9.99 

Buy it now


This small but very well-designed bell works on a broad range of handlebars without the need to move your hand from where it naturally sits to operate the brakes and gears. Effective and good value, this is a genuinely useful present for a tenner.

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Lezyne Lite Drive 800XL £57.00

Buy now for £39.99

Lezyne Lite Drive 800XL.jpg

This is a good light for the type of rider who likes to get out for a couple of hours in the dark and wants the flexibility to use it during the day too. With decent run-times for its size and reasonably quick charging, it's an ideal light to keep on the bike fulltime.

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Madison Avalanche gloves £32.99

Buy them now for £26.95

Madison Avalanche gloves.jpg

These are great mid-weight all-rounders that work well through wet, chilly rides from autumn to spring, and for a very reasonable price. They're waterproof as well as windproof without being too bulky, meaning they offer enough feel on the bar and sufficient dexterity to grab zip pulls, and they're available in both men's and women's versions.

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Hornit Clug £15.00

Buy it now

Hornit Clug Hybrid 2.jpg

This is possibly the world's smallest and simplest bike rack. Dead-simple to install and use, almost invisible and available in three sizes to suit most tyres, it's hard to think how to improve it.

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Topeak Ninja CO2+ £39.99

Buy it now for £28.88

Topeak Ninja CO2.jpg

This is a good bottle cage with integrated tyre levers, CO2 Inflator and cartridges for people who can't bear to put them in their pockets. It's a clever design that works very well. 

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Birzman M-Torque 10 £34.99

Buy it now for £25.99

Birzman M-Torque 10 Function.jpg

Every cyclist needs a multitool that they can rely on, and this one has the added bonus of allowing you to torque bolts to 5Nm away from the workshop, taking the guesswork out roadside repairs and adjustments.

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Tacx Ciro bottle cage £15.99

Buy it now for £10.95


This is a good looking, lightweight and very secure bottle cage. It's made using a glass fibre core wrapped with moulded carbon, and is available with accents in 10 different colours so you can match it to most frames.

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Passport Frostbright Reflective Water Bottle £11.99

Buy it now

Frostbright Reflective Water Bottle.jpg

A water bottle might not sound like the most exciting Christmas present but this one keeps cold drinks cold and warm drinks warm. The reflective liner shines in headlights too, adding an element of safety.

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Blackburn DayBlazer 65 Rear £27.99

Buy it now for £22.39

Blackburn Day Blazer 65 Rear

The Dayblazer 65 is a well-made, easy-fitting rear light for a bike or bag. It's bright and good value, and it's rechargeable so there's never going to be any faff buying and fitting new batteries. 

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Assos Armwarmer_evo7 £35.00

Buy them now for £28

Assos Arm Warmer Evo7.jpg

We can't all afford to be decked out head to toe in Assos clothing but a set of arm warmers would be a start. These provide a very high level of warmth and wind protection, they're comfortable and they fit easily into a jersey pocket when not in use.

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Bontrager Ion 100 R/Flare R City Bike Light Set £59.99

Buy them now for £44.99


These small light are surprisingly mighty. Boasting 100 and 35 lumens (front and rear respectively), clever optics ensure they've enough punch to be used on their own in town, or they could be used as backup lights to more powerful systems. Sensors boost the lights' output in daylight to improve visibility.

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Castelli Difesa Thermal Cap £29.00

Buy it now

Castelli Difesa Thermal Cap 2.jpg

The Difesa is made mainly from a fabric called Thermoflex Core2 which is thin and lightly fleeced on the inside, making it warmer than it looks. The half-wool, half-acrylic knitted ear-cover is comfortable and warm while the peak will flip up or down and stay where it's put.

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OTE Duo Bar Crispy Rice £2.00 (or 24 for £43.20)

Buy them now

OTE Duo Bar Chocolate Crispy Rice.jpg

These bars are incredibly tasty and easy to digest on the move, providing a great boost of energy. They remain soft and chewy even in cold weather, which is ideal at this time of year.

Read our review. 

Selle Italia Smootape Gran Fondo Bar Tape £17.99

Buy now for £12.46


This bar tape sits flat and smooth when wrapped around the bar, as opposed to having ridges on the overlaps. The extra padded Gran Fondo version is very comfortable with decent thickness and a certain amount of give to take the sting out of road buzz. 

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Green Oil Wet Chain Lube £6.99

Buy now for £5.83

Green Oil Wet Chain Lube.jpg

Can you give chain lube for Christmas? Well, it'll certainly get used. Green Oil's Wet Chain Lube is an exceptionally good barrier against water, dirt and corrosion, it reduces maintenance and won't turn the planet into a wasteland. The price is good and the applicator is well designed too. 

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Vouchers £various

Buy Wiggle vouchers


Many bike shops, especially the big chains, offer vouchers for various different amounts. It's an easy option if you really can't decide what to buy.

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