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Getting out and about

After socially distanced time trials became the norm, is this season going to be different?

Its been a while. 

Family work and life has impacted both my cycling, and writing about cycling. 

Lots has happened and with the state of the country and the planet, it feels like the only thing that won't be changing is the need for change. 

2020 we barely met up or rode our bikes in anger with weeks on end riding the turbo on the patio as the sun beat down. 

It did improve slightly at the end of the summer with some time trials allowed but no socialising and lots of disinfecting numbers and marshals bibs. 

2021 was a bit better with a deferred start to racing before a bit of opening up, again where I live it was mainly time trials and there was still no mingling in the car park before or after. 

They say riding against the watch is a lonely element to the sport as is. But riding out to our club event to arrive at my start time (not before!) and then heading straight through the finish and back home was tough. 

As a result this year my time trial bike is for sale on Facebay and I am looking to ride some sportives as a way of engaging both with the sport and the people that love it. 

Yes there is some FTP testing on the smart turbo in the garage so I am not too embarassing in events, but this is about connecting and engaging as opposed to competing. 

See you back on the road, I hope...

> Misty eyed over a jersey

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