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If the winter is going to be as bad as they say...

The forecasters say we are about to see artic conditions... what can we do to help?

After such a lovely summer it was inevitable that the winter would grab us with its icy fingers and take hold. 

The autumn seems to have passed me by. I don't remember too many cool but pleasant mornings with a light breeze and turning leaves. The winter bike came out mid October but we seemed to have stormy skies and barren trees instantly. 


The forecast for the next week has softened considerably since last weekend when they, more or less, said it was going to be the end of the world. 

I wasn't going to take any chances so it was into the garage to fit a second mudguard to my bike. 

The Ass-Saver has been a brilliant investment. £6 is a bargain for dry and warm back and bum. If it was good enough for Lars Bak at this years Milan San Remo Blizzard-fest, its going to be perfect for the winter in the fens. 

The picture is proof... I am weather protected now.




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