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Oakleys - are they worth it?

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The eyes have it

wjputt at the forum writes:

Considering getting some Oakley glasses. Ones with a prescription required though. Seem very expensive. Are they worth it?

That depends on the opportunity cost, should it apply in your financial circumstances. Setting aside the prescriptive need, which can be met by contacts, consider also the following:

As used by NHS doctors and budding undergarment salesmen.

Google Glass[es]

As used by Google salesmen. Easy access to maps, cake stop locations, Strava, etc.


Could be just the thing for British weather.


I always assumed this gave him something like Terminator vision...

doubtless there could be software appropriate for the cycling environment.


Because you're worth it.


Make traffic pop.


Keep road rage to a minimum.


If permitted in your jurisdiction.

Wakey Wakey

Good when you need to pull an all-nighter.

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