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Tour Series facing Peterborough blackout

Amongst £13m of cuts to local events and services, Peterborough council slipped in the Tour Series as an event to be axed.

Peterborough has been one of the staple rounds of the Halfords Tour Series since its inception but it appears that unless some alternative funding is found the event could well be facing the axe in 2013.

That would be a real shame as the Tour de France's arrival in 2014 could be enhanced and built up by Cambridge's near neighbour retaining its round of the popular criterium series.

To be fair, from a cycling point of view, I will be very disappointed if the withdrawal of funding for the event is confirmed.

Having said that I can see the bigger picture and, with all childrens play centres also part of the planned cuts, accept that cycle racing isnt a priority.

I think the council have also looked at the return on investment from the event which pulled a massive crowd in year one but I, like others, felt the attendance dwindled in the last two years.

Sad, but an inevitable sign of the times one feels.

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