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New Fantasy Competition ticks all the boxes

The winter is ending as Fantasy cycling returns to pc's all over the land...

There are many reasons I love this website. The main one being that they have long given me the mouthpiece to spout my nonsense about Albert Timmer, Tony Gibb and fake replica jersey's.

I suppose its like giving the madman the keys to an asylum. Or something like that.

Where this site has come into its own in recent years has been the fantasy cycling competition.

Many a lunch time has been spent agonising over the selections as I scanned the list of 3.5 credit riders looking for the next Thomas de Gendt.

Cycling is such a statistics rich sport that you can't help but get sucked in and start to compile your own analysis.

Without giving my secret away (which isn't worth much as I am not the best fantasy player) I always consult the CQ Ranking before signing a rider...

...this list will be invaluable in the purist competition where no transfers are allowed once the wheels start rolling in the Tour down Under.

I have been stressed, laughed and cried at performances in VC Yaxley's history. Some signings were inspired... others, such as ignoring Ryder Heijsdal in the Giro, have been suicidal.


But you know what I am back in it and already looking forward to a stellar season for Andrei Greipel.


That's cursed him...


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