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Commuter diaries - varied ride


I have ridden 30 miles today on my single speed; it’s really direct, lively and simple by its very nature, which is what I love!

If you love pedalling then there is no escaping the joy and connection you feel with the ride, it can be hard work, but it’s about effort V reward.

I took in Bristol Bike Fest on route; it was great to see our fat tyred brethren hammering the single track, getting caked in mud and loving it!

I actually rode my Kona Paddy Wagon complete with Halo Courier Twin Rail tyres off road through the MTB trails in Leigh Woods. I have to admit I did shoulder it twice over the largest obstacles in true cyclo-cross fashion.

The tyres are surprisingly good in the ruff stuff, durable and grippy.

A great ride, really varied in terrain, ranging from grass tracks to fire roads and tarmac and all within the limits of one of the UK’s largest cities.

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