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Bike Theft - String them up like horse thieves? Too strong!


With the large number of bike thefts in my area recently I have been taking security even more seriously (If that is my paranoia protecting me or inhibiting me?).

These are the measures I take and it's sad that I have to...

Never leave an expensive bike unattended anywhere.

Tape over logo's etc on my commuting bike, make it look like a "loaner"!

When possible use a bike with bolt through axles, bolted seat collar and no qr's anywhere...make the thieves bring tools!

Buy the best lock you can!

Do not think bikes are safe at home, use the same precautions you do when out and about.

Check your insurance.

and lastly...enjoy your cycling and don't let them win!

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richdirector | 12 years ago

Buy a folder - I have a brompton and my stress has disappeared now regarding any thoughts about my Pinarello or Klein being locked up outside. Just fold and shove under table / desk / in locker.
Funnily enough i used to 'poo poo' them until I rode one ... now I advise people to try as they nearly always buy. If doing over 15 miles I might reconsider.

step-hent | 12 years ago

Nothing particularly unusual in here! A good list of sensible things to do for security. I've had plenty of bikes stolen over the years, although only one of them was seriously expensive. Thankfully, I had great insurance - but my premium is fairly expensive.

With all that said, dont let it spoil your riding or make you think twice about using the bike - it might cost a fair bit to replace a bike, but (vintage/collectors bikes aside) if you don't use it it's not worth anything...

PeteH | 12 years ago

Make sure you lock the thing up even when its in the garage!!

ilovemytinbred | 12 years ago

I would just cut a finger off for a first offence and cut their hands off the next time.

I have 2 garage alarms a £350 motorbike chain and ground anchor. Im still worried and intend to beef up security. Ideally I would like rusty bear traps but I am a bit forgetful and would end up losing a foot myself.

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