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Kerbed my enthusiasm?


It was only 2 months ago that my flat mate wrote off his bike and spent the proceeding 6 weeks in a sling after hitting the central reservation at speed.

Ok, we were going rather fast through traffic and it was dark but none the less his cherished steed had to be put to pasture after this event having sustained; a demolished front wheel, twisted forks, bent bars and a severely creased frame - oh yeah, he ripped the ligaments in his shoulder.

Well, last night, at a far lower speed, whilst avoiding a street cleaner with a jet washer I managed to cycle straight into then over a high kerb and coming to a halt after a rather impressive no footed endo! Darn it, bent forks, blow out, dinked wheel and a small crease in my down tube. Another write off.

Does this curb my enthusiasm for cycling? No chance. Bikes are like girlfriends/lovers. It is difficult to come to terms when things come to an end but it is bloody good fun looking for a new one.

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TRs Blurb n Blog | 15 years ago

I'd like to get another steel handbuilt frame, maybe this time from a British builder.

cactuscat | 15 years ago

are you going for another hot-blooded latin type? or a tender english rose this time?  1

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