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Commuter Diaries - exercising the dog


Not strictly a commute, but massively enjoyable all the same and a fantastic way of exercising the dog. I dusted off a fat tyred bike and flashed around my local country park. In the summer I am going to ride around on my crosser, TT the dusty tracks with dog in tow. For me cycling is so much more fun than walking and I only run when being chased, so this seems a great option for my crazy dog.
Next I have to attempt this with my son in the cycle trailer at the same time, should be interesting!

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Ruthe | 15 years ago

Nice one Flo! My dog loves a run along the canal behind the MTB, problem is he likes to set the pace on the way back and gets in front of the wheel so we have to slow right down!

thebikeboy | 15 years ago

When I was a kid I took our dog out for a walk by bike… me on a mate's Raleigh Chopper the dog on the lead. All went well and we were belting along our road until the dog decided to go around one side of a tree while I took the other.

Luckily it was a tough dog.

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