Ian Upham gets the team off to a flying start!

It's 3pm, September the 10th 2016 and once again team road.cc are on the starting grid. This time we're being sponsored by Aldi so there is a bit of expectation on our shoulders and we're going for a podium place.


The whole thing kicks off with an hour on the track for some practice to learn your racing lines and to realise just how bloody hilly the circuit is. Then it's time for the Le Man's style start with the first rider standing at the bottom of the track (the start/finish straight is heavily cambered) with a team mate holding their bike on the opposite side. At 3pm the countdown ends and it's a sprint to your machine.

team road.cc member Ian Upham was the first man off and as you can see he was ready and raring to go grabbing his bike and nailing a first lap a few seconds under the six minute mark.

Each rider of our team of eight will then do half hour stints out on the track.

revolve24 pit lane.jpg


All that's left to do now is For Ian Stevenson to wait for the next thirty minutes before taking on the baton.....


revolve24 aldi kit.jpg


The rain has become so the new Aldi wet weather kit is about to be pulled on to see off the worst of the weather. We'll be back later to update the blog and keep you posted.   

Stu knocked out his first road.cc review back in 2009 and since then he's chucked the best part of seventy test bikes around the West Country, a couple of them quite literally! With three alloy and two steel bikes in his fleet he's definitely a metal man (that'll be the engineering background) but is slowly warming to that modern carbon fibre stuff along with fat tyres & disc brakes.
It's not all nostalgia though, after spending the last few years in product design Stu keeps banging on about how 3D printing is going to be the next big thing and he's a sucker for a beautiful paint job too.


TheLonelyOne [393 posts] 2 years ago

Good luck all. Remember it's a marathon series of individual sprints, not a sprint.

Hope the rain clears off as forecast.