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Can't say I wasn't warned


Last couple of long rides I got a punctures. After the last one I noticed a few small nicks in the tyre so bought a replacement. Its the rear so a bit of a faff to change so thought I would manage onemore ride.

Aimed to do 2+ hours this evening after work so made effort to get away on time. Just turning into the dark stretch with 10k and a few hills to go I felt something on rear wheel and tyre went down.

25 minutes messing about in the darkchanging torch batteries, dropping end of torch, little springy bit on QR, realising I had no spare tube, two goes at blocking hole, and hands getting colder. Eventually all sorted and when taking pump off the valveI broke of the top of the valve! Cue 10k walk home in the cold in cleats.

And it could so easily have been avoided....

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