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Tour Series off to a brilliant start...

Ignoring the empty spaces at the side of the roads that I dont remember seeing last year, I have to say the 2010 Tour Series has been superb so far.

As per last year my anticipation is building for my local round in Peterborough, although this year I will spare you all the details of my (work permitting) participation in the pre main event time trial for local amateurs.

The circuit in Canary Wharf didn't look that taxing on paper but despite the flat and simple layout of the course it produced break aways and a great sprint finsih that was greeting with wild celebrations in our front room!

Regulars of this blog will know exactly why.

The event moved north to Durham for the second round on a course that would have benefitted from being a bit longer and "Kermesse" like.

The race was spectacular but hard to follow from the arm chair. I cant imagine too many of the fans at the road side would have known who was who and where they were in the pecking order.

It is important the courses are made more innovative if the series is to be sustainable in the long term, but maybe the laps would need to be longer to try and allow the pack to spread out without being lapped a few times?

The Portsmouth round was marred by a number of crashed on a circuit with wet and dry patched on corners, the riders worst nightmare.

I have particularly enjoyed the ITV4 coverage of the series so far. Commentary has been precise and accurate from Hugh Porter and Jill Douglas is a more than adequate anchor.

As for the teams, Endura showed great organisation in dragging the pack round Portsmouth the other night, really spectacular sight.

Rapha/Condor/Sharp have shown real strength, especially through Kristian House. Of the others it has been nice to see Kuota/ flying the flag for this website.

We just need to be able to order the jerseys Tony and Dave!!!

(hence use of old picture !!)

Enjoy tonights tv coverage of last nights event.

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