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It's hard to criticise the weather...

What a great weekend to be on a bicycle and enjoying the countryside. It is incredible that all those rides in the cold and wind and rain are all preparation for when the sun shines and proper "Tour de France" weather descends on the UK.

I was out nice and early both mornings to get some relax time in for the afternoons, what with it being the first full week back after honeymoon.

Saturday started with a bit of a kick when upon opening the shed door I could see that the tyre on the front of the Bianchi (if you remember if flung itself off the rim sending sparks across the road on a Catalunyan mountain road) had given out with the side wall failing and the tube exploding.

I had been planning to meet up with our village group of "Yaxley Riders" for some repetitions up the local hill(ock).

Having to head to plan B and the singlespeed wasn't too much of a chore and I was soon zipping along the old A1 service road before catching a guy from Huntingdon for a nice chat.

When we reached Sawtry I bid him farewell and he bid me good luck. I was planning on climbing the short sharp rise to Coppingford village on the 45x16 gear...

I didn't feel super confident but (and the front of my thighs will today testify) I dug in and ground my way to the top. I felt in pretty good shape, only slightly jellified, and then headed off to Alconbury Weston.

It was at this point that I realised the wind had been favourable all the way out and that I would need to dig in across the fen to get home.

It wasn't too bad though and I was pleased to get home with 50km under my belt before 1100.

Aftter getting a new tyre and cleaning both my bikes on Saturday afternoon I was up even earlier on Sunday and out on the Bianchi for an hour or so before going to a birthday picnic for a lad I know in Fenland Clarion.

I went for what I call the A kit. Club jersey, best shorts. Best silver shoes with long black socks and Oakley glasses.

This garb usually allows me to ride better (in my mind) and I think that if you search the net enough you will find some scientist who will back me up !

Sadly though the hill climbing of the day before and the heat (even before 0900) was taking its toll. There was a nagging wind all the way to Oundle as well which meant that climbing back through Ashton and Polebrook would be a challenge.

And it was, I felt like I was dragging weights behind my bike and even stopped to make sure the back brake wasnt rubbing (a sure sign you are having a shocker!). But I battled on and felt better for the last few miles.

I will be glad to do the ironing tonight for a rest !!


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