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Countown to Spain -4

So this week sees the fruition of weeks of planning when we head out to Spain for some miles (and hopefully) sun.

A couple of routes have been specced (as regular readers will know) and there will be plenty of climbing to test us all. Especially bearing in mind most of our recent riding will have been on turbo trainers or in the snowy windswept fens. But enough of me getting my excuses in early.

The plan for this weekend is to provide a couple of paragraphs each day on what is happening. Today there will be lots of work and then an evening of wedding planning although I am considering trying to find my passport to avoid stress on Thursday when we are planning a quick getaway.

I saw one of my wooly Prendas armwarmers over the weekend so that is a good sign. Seal Skinz are located, just need more necklaces for when the jersey is zipped down and we are trundling up the mountains...



More tomorrow.


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