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Boost for Peterborough cycling community with the creation of race team

Peterborough cycling has much to be buoyant about in 2014 with a great race and social scene. It now boasts a semi-pro race team.

Peterborough has never really been seen as a cycling hotbed to be honest. We lost our round of the Tour Series last year after council cutbacks (you can read a piece from that period here). 


We do have two strong clubs in Fenland Clarion and Peterborough CC both of whom have good racing and club run sections. 

There are a number of decent club 10 mile time trials running weekly during the summer, as well as inter club events. Handicap road racing is flourishing and nearby Rockingham motor speedway also enjoys criteriums on the long, light nights. 

What we have lacked is a progressive route to higher level racing. 

This did exist in the early 2000s through Stilton RT. A team sponsored over the seasons by a combination of Terry Wright Cycles, Tal clothing and Parrot Print. 


It ended as the recession hit and our regions search for a pathway for aspiring cycles started in earnest. 

This search is over with the following announcement from local training and coaching company Core Cycling Solutions...

Team Announcement

Ian Wild, Steve Woods and Myself (Nick Smith)would like to announce the start-up of the Peterborough Cycling Club Road Racing Team!!

We have been working hard in the last 3 months in trying to secure some sponsorship from local business, and getting some good local riders. The 3 of us have wanted to do this as part of the club but it wasn’t going to start unless we could secure some financial backing. I'm very pleased to say we have done just that!!

Our Sponsors:

Our Main Sponsor.
We are very grateful to Qualitetch, a Photo Chemical Machining company that etches metals to go in High Technology Industrial Equipment. You will probably use their products in some of your own belongings as the metals go in Mobile Phones and Hair Dryers they are also used in the Aeronautical Industry. The can follow them on Twitter @Qualitetch and on Facebook at Qualitetch Components Ltd. Their website is Thank you Qualitetch

Other Sponsors.

Alston Country Homes.
Alston Country Homes is a Construction Company with long term experience in the field of designing and building unique bespoke homes. As you will know Alston Country Homes sponsors our Road Race. We are very grateful to Stuart, who is a member of the club, for his generous continued support of the club. Their website is

Sport and Speed.
Sport and speed is a online cycling retailer. They will be providing the team Helmets and Glasses. You can follow them on twitter @SportandSpeed Their website is

Halo will be providing the racing kit for the team. This is the same as the supplier for the PCC standard kit.

Core Cycling Solutions
Core Cycling Solutions is a Retul bike fitting (the only Motion Capture Fitter in the area) and 1-2-1 coaching business in Market Deeping, yes run by yours truly. Core Cycling can be found on twitter @corecyclinguk The website is

I’m very very pleased to announce that we have managed to pursued Matt Garfield (2nd Cat) to come and join the team and we have also managed to secure the winner of the clubs Regional Road Race 2013, James Gelsthorpe (2nd Cat). I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Bourne wheelers for being so understanding in letting us have James come and ride for the team.
Other riders in the Team are Steve Woods (3rd Cat) and Myself (back in at 3rd Cat after some years out).

I'm very excited about starting the team and I'd like to thank Ian and Steve for their help in getting this team off the ground, the PCC committee for their support and of course the Sponsors for all their input.
Good times are ahead!!

Well done to Nick and his team, riders from all local clubs will be following their progress and wishing them well. 

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James Warrener | 10 years ago

Very true.

Fingers crossed I will have a jersey pic to post soon  4

Farky | 10 years ago

Wow - nice! Howd I miss this then...

By the way - hats off on covering what your sponsors do before the riders long does it take many teams to realise we havent a clue who their sponsors are or how to support them.

notfastenough replied to Farky | 10 years ago
Farky wrote:

By the way - hats off on covering what your sponsors do before the riders long does it take many teams to realise we havent a clue who their sponsors are or how to support them.

Agreed, although I can't help thinking that the press release needed a bit of tweaking before publication. Lots of un-necessary capitals and it could read better. Still, never mind that, well done for all the effort put in so far, and good luck with the racing!

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