So this is it.

Tomorrow I will cycle from Cape Cornwall to my house. On Sunday from my house to Plymouth and then I will catch the ferry to Santander. In less than 3 weeks I will be in Morocco, I could be in Mauritania by Christmas. Sometime in the future I hope to roll into Cape Town on my bike.

My bike, a Qoroz Mountain Won which I picked up from MSG bikes in Lancing a couple of days ago is a thing of beauty. I have made it less beautiful by loading it up to the hilt with clothes and camping gear but it is still gorgeous. Sleek, metallic, and kitted out especially for me I can’t wait to ride it. (Picture to Follow)

My bike, however, doesn’t have a name. My sister suggested calling it “Field Marshall Jones.” This is a family in joke which I will attempt to explain. When I was very small my brother and sister who are both much older (this prompted the shadow culture secretary to call me ‘an accident’ once - Long story.) used to have to play with me on my parents orders.

My brother would take me to the woods, climb a tree and read a book while I splashed around in the stream. My sister on the other hand, probably took things too far. My sister for her geography A level had to collect samples of earth and measure their PH levels. This became an army mission and I was me and she was Field Marshall Jones, both of us camoed up with Early Learning Centre face paint trekking over fields collecting samples of mud.

This became a game I thoroughly looked forward to playing at the weekends and I think my sister regretted inventing the game. Sales of face paint in Cornwall, though, have never been so high. So that is why she suggested calling it Field Marshall Jones. I was thinking of ’Bertie’ because that was the name of my small replica John Deere tractor before I graduated on to bikes. The dilemma I am facing though is that I would prefer my bike to have a female name. The thought of saying ‘I’ve just ridden Bertie’ is a bit disconcerting.

So if anyone has any suggestions for what to name my bike in the next 12 hours of so then please, let me know!


London Commuter [8 posts] 9 years ago

Have a good journey mate and enjoy  1

Denzil Dexter [141 posts] 9 years ago

here's 3
Freya – Norse goddess of fire (I think) and the first name of a famous travel writer
or going to the other exteme, Ethel

Good luck btw, look forward to reading about your adventures. Hope the recession is over by the time you get back

jamesfifield [111 posts] 9 years ago

If you're set on the idea of Bertie, how about Bertha?
That way you dodge the gender confusion, imply a slightly higher level of sophistication, and, most importantly, can still make quips about "big Bertha"!