Many thanks to all who supported me including the guys from Knog with lights and Continental with tyres. My weapon of choice for the day was my Dawes MTB with slicks as I was riding with my father at a nice touring pace and he had a similar set up.

The weather was great and we were joined along the way by several friends including Mr Salsa UK. Many thanks for the route change! We left Bath and headed across country to Chipping Sodbury,which was great, several years ago when I did this route I got lost on the Yate ring road, but not this time.

We then headed across a Cotswolds ridge to Wooton Under Edge and then dropped down through light mist to Dursley and Cam. In order to make up some quick miles and time we headed down the A38 for a 10 mile stretch to Gloucester, not pretty but practical.

From Gloucester we headed toward Ledbury but turned off beneath the looming Malverns in the direction of Upton On Severn, this was one of my favourite sections with the dark hills on the horizon and dramatic rolling roads. We followed the Severn into Worcester where we met some end to enders and swapped stories while sharing a late lunch. From Worcester our route followed the river into Bewdley, where we enjoyed pasties and chips safe in the knowledge that we only had 16 miles to go.

We climbed out of Bewdley through the Wyre Forest, which is one of my old MTB haunts from my youth and headed into the undulating hills of Shropshire, arriving at Bridgnorth late afternoon with no mechanicals or punctures. We were met by representatives of the charity we were supporting, www.woodenspoon.com . Approximately 7 hours in the saddle at a relaxed pace, with great conversation about bikes and life; too much traffic in the UK though! Next year Geneva to Bridgnorth, anyone up for it?

Many thanks

Flo K

ps the picture is my bike underneath the Hallows tree just outside Worcester.