Coming in September: 'Steel Vintage' frames from Ciocc

Here's a rare treat; a whole family of Italian frames in steel with chrome plating. Mmm shiny.

by nick_rearden   August 4, 2011  

It's not strictly accurate to treat Ciöcc frames as 'heritage' items because their Italian maker has never stopped building in steel with intricate lugs and delicious chrome-plated highlights. Not to mention that there are also some pretty modern carbon-fibre frames coming from their workshops near Bergamo.

Nevertheless, to make a point, they've launched a range of models they're collectively calling 'Steel Vintage' and individually named after highlights in their history to remind everyone that even if they're small, they're very much alive and still doing it old style if that's what appeals to you. It certainly appeals to us.

The word 'ciöcc' is native Bergamo slang for 'poker face' which was the nickname of the founder of the brand back in the 1950s. Giovanni Pelizzoli  might not have been a laugh-a-minute but he obviously had a sense of humour in that the joke was carried on in the 'four aces' detail adorning the lug cutouts and elsewhere.

Ciöcc frames are distributed in the UK by Racescene in Barnsley. They also sell them in their own shop which specialises in Italian brands like Casati, Gios and Somec as well as Ciöcc and they've also just started stocking Colnago bikes and frames.

The three models in the Steel Vintage series are the Mokba 80 track frame at £1,095, the San Cristobal road at £1,195 and the Replica road frame - for folks who prefer no chrome - at £1,095. There is also a TIG-welded model named Retro coming for £595.

Details: Ciöcc at Racescene

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And how do you pronounce Ciocc?

Chee-ock? Key-ock?

posted by farrell [1910 posts]
4th August 2011 - 16:49


It's 'church'. Meant to put that in the article. Went for years thinking it was 'chee-ock'. Got straightened out at my first Milan show. How they laughed!

posted by nick_rearden [864 posts]
4th August 2011 - 17:03


Thats put to bed something that I've been pondering for a while now, cheers!

posted by farrell [1910 posts]
4th August 2011 - 17:18


Those are gorgeous.

Noli porcum linguere

captain_slog's picture

posted by captain_slog [307 posts]
4th August 2011 - 19:37


too pretty Smile

TheHatter's picture

posted by TheHatter [811 posts]
4th August 2011 - 21:02


Reeeeeally nice looking bikes. Racescene's service is cracking too! You'll ride away from there feeling happy Smile

The Casati Owner's Club says - "Drink your Coffee strong"

posted by simonaspinall [10 posts]
5th August 2011 - 8:32


Just lovely. There are many ways to enjoy the bicycle and all of them are equally good. But these frames are what I want a little bit more than anything else I've ever seen (and I ride a pristine '85 Colnago). I'm going to give up my job and build bike frames.

posted by u4jef [21 posts]
5th August 2011 - 22:30

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Do it!

We ran a story the other day about The Bicycle Academy which starts courses in the new year:

And Downland Cycles in Canterbury already run a framebuilding course:

There are bound to be others. Anyone?

Of course, you could always beg to be taken on as an apprentice to one of the frame-building names.

posted by nick_rearden [864 posts]
5th August 2011 - 22:38


I just brought a steel frame Guerciotti, its an absolute pleasure to ride

posted by chromo1990 [49 posts]
6th August 2011 - 1:54


Mmmmm Guerciotti! Lovely...

posted by nick_rearden [864 posts]
6th August 2011 - 2:41


skinny, steel, lugs. Simply beautiful. And you know you will still have a fully functioning frame in 30 years time!

Currently going slower than I'd like...

posted by stealth [256 posts]
6th August 2011 - 19:52


I can vouch for the still fully functioning in more than 30 years time bit, just rebuilt my dad's first bike (about 35 years old, steel framed peugeot) and its a dream to ride! Plus, it's only a 5 speed Smile

posted by mb429 [76 posts]
6th August 2011 - 20:33