Fisher Expo 09: Look, Dahon, Santini, bspoke, Lambretta and more

More shiny things from the trade shows

by Dave Atkinson   February 17, 2009  

We're just back from the Fisher Expo in Birmingham where we got to talk to Look about their new frames, Dahon about fixed folders (maybe next year...), Santini about carbon fabric (really) and Lambretta about their bike launch. More on all of this later, but for now here's the pics of the shiny stuff... All right it's later, so click on the links to find out what we think of the latest Look bikes and for the static gallery from the show with lots of witty and informative captions … well, you can be the judge of that. In the next few days we will be taking a closer look at Dahon, bspoke, Santini, and Lambretta.